Nicolas Grevet  •  Photography

  • Petroglyph

  • Puʻu Loa on the island of Hawaiʻi, is a place considered sacred to the people of Hawaii, and those of the Kalapana area in particular. It is a site which contains a vast area covered with incredible numbers of pecked images in the harden lava, images known as petroglyphs. The archaeological site of Puʻu Loa contains over 23,000 petroglyph images; motifs containing cupules or holes, circles and other geometric forms as well as cryptic designs, human representations known as anthropomorphs, canoe sails, and even feathered cape motifs.

  • adult, big island, hawaii, hawaiʻi, hawaiʻi volcanoes national park, island of hawaii, male, man, pacific, people, person, puu loa petroglyphs
  • X-T20, 1/60 sec, f/11, 34.3mm, ISO 1250